Advanced Gymnastics

Gymnasts who have already mastered their core gymnastics skills, will learn more advanced gymnastics skills such as round-off back handsprings, saltos, free cartwheels (ariels), dive roll and more. Drills and techniques to master this skills safely and correctly are the key to our lessons.

During the year gymnasts will have the opportunity to work towards achieving their Advanced British Gymnastics Awards (BAGA). For more information on the Advanced BAGA Award Scheme, please click here

NB: To attend the Wednesday advanced group, students must attend another session. Either the Tuesday 4.50pm or the Saturday 11.45am class.

Enrolment for 2021/2022

Aug-Dec 2021 TERM 2

Jan-June 2022 TERM 2

Term & Holiday Schedules

Term 2 (Feb-June 2021) 

Term 1& 2(Aug-June 2021/2021)