Floor Skills


Floor Skills

Gymnasts work towards and practice the key elements of gymnastics such as forward and backward rolls, headstands, handstands, cartwheels, balances, jumps and bridges. As they progress, gymnasts will learn how to combine these skills together. They will learn to do them safely, with good technique as well as have fun in the process. As they progress to more advanced levels there will be a chance to learn more challenging skills such as walk-overs, round-offs and backhandsprings.

During the year gymnasts will have the opportunity to work towards achieving their BAGA awards in gymnastics proficiency. For more information on the BAGA Award Schemes, please click here

Enrolment for Classes - Year 2021/2022 

Aug-Dec 2021 TERM 1

Jan-Jun 2022 TERM 2

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Term 2 (Feb-June 2021) 

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