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Achieve your British Gymnastics Awards

What are they?

At Gymnasticals all gymnasts will have a chance to work towards the Core & Advanced Proficiency Awards in Gymnastics. These schemes were developed by the British Gymnastics Association and are being used in schools and clubs throughout the UK as an official testing system in a child's progress in gymnastics and it's a great motivator for children to improve and refine their skills. At Gymnasticals we guide your child through the process.



The core proficiency awards assists in the progressive development of your child's gymnastics such as balance, strength, flexibility and co-ordination. They are suitable for children aged from 5-11 years old and are a brilliant way to motive children to progress to higher levels. There are 8 levels to complete and gymnasts must pass 7 out of 10 skills at each level  to achieve their badge and certificate. Beginners start on badge 8 and then working towards badge 1.




These badges are for children that have completed the Core Proficiency scheme. It continues the development of Core Fitness (Strength, Power, Flexibility and Coordination) as well as allowing gymnasts to progress to more specific advanced gymnastics skills. Gymnasts progress through Bronze, Silver and Gold levels and must complete 6 out of the 8 possible skills at each level to gain their badge and certificate.

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