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Coronavirus Policy

Coronavirus -Important Information 

As of the 19th April 2021, the federal council has eased the coronavirus restrictions. There are still various measures and rules in place which have the same goal to contain the coronavirus.

You can find the latest information here:

- Federal Office of Public Health FOPH: Coronavirus: Measures and ordinances

- Sports Office of the Canton of Zug: COVID-19 - Canton of Zug (

After consultation with the Canton, our classes are still able to continue. There are no restrictions indoors for children and young people born in 2001 or younger. There is still a requirement for no spectators. 


Adults (with masks only) are allowed to accompany small children to the facility, but must leave the facility afterwards. This applies to our GymMinis class on Friday only, otherwise drop off and pick up at the door only.

We ask that you kindly help us to comply with these regulations and our protection concept to help reduce the spreading of the virus and maintain the safety of our gymnasts and coaches.


1. Only symptom-free participants are allowed to train. 

2. Gymnasts to come dressed ready for training where possible.

3. A register will be kept in order to trace possible chains of infections

4. Gymnasts to wash with soap or disinfect hands before and after training.

5. Compliance with the hygiene rules of BAG to be observed (See attachment)

6.  Parents to drop off and pick them up at the door but to observe 1.5m distancing with others.

7. No Spectators.

8. Parents are not allowed to wait in the waiting areas at Shui Zhu Do and Dirty Hands. The viewing gallery at Maienmatt remains closed.

9. Gymnasts should not attend training if themselves or one of their family members have symptoms or they have been in close contact with someone that has been positive. Parents to inform us immediately in these cases.

"Thank-you all for working together to keep each other safe and protected"


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