Gym Minis

Our Gym Minis program is the perfect first step for small children to develop important physical, cognitive and social skills through the medium of gymnastics. Kids explore the basic fundamental shapes needed to perform gymnastics correctly (such as the straddle, pencil and ball) in fun, lively warm-up activities.


Classes are designed to keep the child moving and engaged. They will also be taught how to perform fundamental gymnastics skills correctly and safely. Skills include forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels and various jumps. Our cheery Gym Minis classes are 45mins in length and take place in Baar on Wednesdays and in Unterägeri on Fridays.

Enrolment for Year 2021/2022

Aug-Dec 2021 TERM 1

Jan-June 2022 TERM 2

Term & Holiday Schedules

Term 2 (Feb-June 2021) 

Term 1& 2(Aug-June 2021/2021)