Tumble & Vault


Tumble & Vault

This class has the use of the only sprung tumble track floor in Zug. The tumble track gives gymnasts the extra bounce they need to help build upon on their tumbling skills.

Gymnasts will work on perfecting their basic floor skills such as rolls, handstand rolls, various types of cartwheels and jumps. As they progress they will have the opportunity to prepare for more advanced skills such as the round-off, handsprings and backhandsprings. Gymnasts will learn various types of vaults, such as the straddle on and squat through, and eventually work towards to the more advanced handspring vault. For this course, kids should have some previous knowledge of gymnastics.

During the year gymnasts will have the opportunity to work towards achieving their British Gymnastics Awards in gymnastics proficiency. For more information on the BAGA Award Schemes, please click here

Enrolment for Year 2021/2022

Aug-Dec 2021 TERM 1

Jan-June 2022 TERM 2

Term & Holiday Schedules

Term 2 (Feb-June 2021) 

Term 1& 2(Aug-June 2021/2021)