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The Foundations of Gymnastics

Get ready to embark on an exciting 7-day journey to master the essential core gymnastics skills

A solid foundation is key to successful gymnastics 

Looking to master the basics: Join our 7-day journey to master the essential gymnastics skills with daily step-by-step breakdowns in easy –to- follow lessons for all ages (+7years)

  • Daily follow-along-lessons covering the must know skills.

  • Daily How-To videos  - absolute must have technical guidance to skills perfection. 

  • Daily quizzes.

  • Start with basics like balance and flexibility, progress to cartwheels, handstands, and routines.

  • An insight to how more advanced skills can be achieves through essential beginner progressions. The backhandspring

  • Gain confidence in your ability

  • Practice anywhere, anytime!

  • Daily Lessons -Lessons can be taken weekly, daily, or as used extra training to re-enforce skills learnt in classes.

Performing Handstand

The Foundations of Gymnastics Program

Looking to build a strong foundation in gymnastics but struggling to find enough time to practice? Consider taking extra lessons online to deepen your knowledge and improve your skills. With the convenience of online, you can fit your gymnastics education into your busy schedule. Start today and see the progress you can make!

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