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Gymnasticals Pink Dazzle Set

Be part of the team. Gymnasticals leotards & matching shorts available to order in all sizes, are crafted from high quality fabric. The set is prices at CHF85. Purchase at the Gymnasticals shop or reserve via email. See the size chart below for the size guide.



Complete the look!  

Complete the look with our lovely scrunchies that perfectly match our pink dazzle leotards. Choose from the following options:

Black Mystique CHF7

Pink Mystique CHF7

Black Mystique with Rhinestones: CHF8

Pink Mystique with Rhinestones: CHF8



Our Ocean Blue -
Long Sleeve Leotard Set

Great for the winter, our Ocean Blue long sleeve leotard & shorts set, is available to pre-order in all sizes. Please refer to the size chart below. Prices at CHF85

For our pre-schoolers, we provide sizes suitable for 2-3year olds. They are absolutely adorable. Prices at CHF45



Our Boys Uniform

Boys truly thrive when they are part of the team. They love wearing their uniforms for training and performing their displays.


We offer sizes in 5-6years, 7-8years, 9-11years, 12-13years as well as Adult small & medium. Prices at just CHF45 for kids sizes and CHF60 for Adult sizes.


Our Size Chart

Unsure about sizing ? Consult our size chart. Gymnasts can try on sizes at Gymnasticals

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