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Pre-school Gymnastics Classes

Our gymnastics program starts with our pre-school classes, which are perfect for young budding gymnasts aged 18 months to 5 years. Our classes aim to develop your child's gross motor skills, including balance, strength, agility, and coordination, all in a fun and playful environment.  We incorporate engaging games, themes, & circuits to teach children how to swing on the bar, bounce on the trampoline, and balance on the beam. Our program is also designed to promote self-confidence, enhance listening skills, and foster important social skills.


Join us and watch your child grow and thrive as they develop their physical abilities and gain the confidence to try new things. Our experienced coaches are committed to creating a safe and supportive environment where your child can flourish. 

Pre-school 1

Parent & Child

(18months - 3years)

Our Pre-school 1 class is the perfect introduction to the exciting world of gymnastics. This 45-minute class is semi-structured, with 30 minutes of expert instruction and 15 minutes of free play at the end. Each lesson is themed to keep things fun and engaging for our young gymnasts, with fun themes such as Mini-Beast, The Circus or the Weather.

You'll be right there with your child, cheering them on as they tackle challenging obstacles that develop strength, balance, and coordination. Our experienced coaches will guide you in safely helping and supporting your child as they learn new skills like rolls and upside-down techniques.


The class is divided into 4 sections:

1. Warm-Up:  A group activity where they will learn basic gymnastic skills and experiment with hand apparatus. 

2. Circuit Funtime:  We set out fun gymnastics apparatus such as trampolines, beams, wedges, bars to make challenging circuits that will keep kids busy and keen to learn skills such as rolling, jumping, swinging and landing safely. These circuits are rotated often to keep the little ones fully engaged and wanting to come back each week for more.

3. Cooldown:  Time to enjoy a cool down activity to round off the lesson. 

4. Free play - This  is a chance for your child to play on their favourite apparatus, with your guidance before home time. 

Pre-School 1
Enrolment for 2024/2025

  • The Pre-school 1 course is a year-long curriculum, running from August to June (2024/2025). It consists of 3 terms: Term 1 (Aug-Dec), Term 2 (Jan-April) & Term 3 (April to June). Enrolment for participants into Term 1 automatically includes enrolment into Terms 2 & 3.


  • To discontinue the second & third term, notice in  by email in writing must be given on or before the 1st December for cancelation of Term 2 (Jan-April),  and on the 1st  April for cancelation of Term 3 (End April to June), After these dates, an CHF80 cancellation fee applies. If the next term has started when notice is given the fees for that term are due and liable. 


  • Fees are billed 3 times a year. The term’s course fee and must be paid on registration to your place. The 2nd invoice is billed in December and is due before the start of Term 2 and the 3rd invoice is billed at the end of March and is due before the start of Term 3. 


•     Participants are allowed a trial class before enrolling. Completion of the online registration form is required.  The trial class is free if the            participant do not want to continue. If the participants continue, the trial class fee will be included in the overall term's fee. Short courses do not have free trials.

Pre-school 2 



Our Pre-school 2 program serves as a seamless transition to independent classes for children who have completed Pre-school 1. It follows a similar structure, including a lively warm-up, engaging circuits, trampoline time & a fun activity to wrap up the session.

During these classes, kids will have the opportunity to learn new gymnastics skills on various equipment such as vault skills, bars, beam, and floor skills. These rotations focus on skill development, enhancing coordination, flexibility, strength, and motor skills. To make the experience more enjoyable, each lesson is thoughtfully themed, ranging from jungle adventures to space exploration.

  • Eligibility and Requirements:

    • Children must be able to separate from parents and follow coach's directions.

    • Prior experience in a nursery or school setting 

    • Children MUST be 3 years old at the start of the course in Term 1 (Aug). 


To support this step towards independence, parents should stay for the duration of the class in the waiting room where you can watch your child and offer reassurance if needed. Please note that only coaches and gymnasts are allowed on the gym floor, with exceptions made for new gymnasts experiencing "separation anxiety."

Skills: Weight on hands skills, position & shapes, rolls, handstands,  cartwheel fundamentals, dance, jumps & balances, basics skills on gymnastics equipment

Gymnastics Stay & Play 

(Under 5years with parent supervision)

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