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Monthly Workshops

 Our monthly skills workshops give gymnasts an opportunity to perfect a particular skill they have been working on or would like to learn. Gymnasts are given a tool kit of  essential drills as well as the tips and tricks they would need to know to master a particular skill and refine their technique. Workshops are usually held on a Saturday afternoon and are 1.30-2hours in length.

Instructions for Enrollment 

  • For new students, to enrol, click, the "Register"link next to the desired workshop and complete the registration form. 

  • Existing students, please re-enrol through the parent portal only or you can click at the top of the Registration Form, click on "Already A Customer..." to log into your customer portal. 

  • Places are confirmed once payment is received. Payment on registration to the following account:

  • Account name: Gymnasticals by Manami Jenden, Hinterbergstrasse 56, Steinhausen, 6312

  • Bank: UBS Switzerland AG, Postfach, 6301, Zug

  • CH57 0027 3273 1891 6801 R


  • There are no trial classes for the workshops.

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