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Our Schedule 

To enrol please, click on "register" and fill out the registration form in the link. 

Enrolment for 2021/2022

Aug- Dec 2021- TERM 1

Jan- June 2022- TERM 2

Term & Holiday Schedules

Term 1& 2(Aug-June 2021/2021) 

Important information about enrolment.
  • Enrolment of new Enrolment for year 2021/2022 is for the entire year. ​There are two terms in one year. The terms dates are: Term 1 - Mon 23rd Aug 2021 to 17th December 2021. Term 2 - Mon 10th Jan to 25th June 2022. When you enrol for Term 1, enrolment for Term 2 is automatic.

  • Payment is at the beginning of each term. If you wish to cancel Term 2 - notice must be given in writing by e-mail by the 10th December 2021. After this date there is a CHF80 cancelation fee. If Term 2 has already started when notice is given, all fees for Term 2 are due and liable.

  • Enrolment is through the schedules page or  parent portal only. The latest terms and conditions can be found in the parent portal under “Accounts” then click “policies or click here.

  • Any future extended lockdowns, we will move our lessons online (adapted for online) for this period and we will not offer refunds.

Enrolment of  Existing Students for Year 2021/2022:
  • All existing students MUST re-enrol to confirm their place for next year and have priority enrolment until the 25th May 2021. After this date, we may not be able to guarantee your child's spot. 

  • Re-enrolment is through the parent portal only, as the new terms and conditions must be agreed to, to validate the place. 

  • Please note the change in Terms dates & latest terms & conditions in the "important information about enrolments" above.

Enrolment of New Students for Year 2021/2022:
  • Students on the waitlist will be contacted between the 26th May-1st June 2021 if any spaces are available. New students can enrol at anytime if a spot is available. Full availability classes can be seen from the 1st June 2021.

  • If a class shows full, you can still register your child on the waitlist via the website registration form. Only students that have registered in this way will be contacted when a space becomes available. Students do change at this early stage classes so it is worth signing up as there is a fair chance a place would become available available. Waitlist students are kept on the waitlist for 1 school year then should re-apply.

  • If you are not sure which class would be suitable for your child or you believe your child should be in a higher level class, please contact the administrator at before enrolling.

Coronavirus -Important Information 

Please click here for the latest information on Coronavirus.


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