Gymnasts are given an introduction on how to use gymnastics apparatus such as floor, vault, trampet, bars and beam skills. For example, gymnasts will learn various types of vaults, such as the straddle on, squat through, and eventually work towards to the more advanced handspring vault. On the floor, gymnasts learn all the basic gymnastics skills, such as forward roll, backward rolls, cartwheels, handstand and as they advance they move toward to advanced skills as such as handsprings, back handsprings etc.The classes start with fun musical warm-ups that get the blood pumping and contains exercises that help increase flexibility, strength and stamina.

During the year gymnasts will have the opportunity to work towards achieving their British Gymnastics Awards (BAGA) in gymnastics proficiency. For more information on the BAGA Award Schemes, please click here

Enrolment for Year 2021/2022

Aug-Dec 2021 TERM 1

Jan-June 2022 TERM 2

Feb-June 2021 TERM 2

Term & Holiday Schedules

Term 1& 2(Aug-June 2021/2021)